Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Meanwhile, back at the Billabong

Welcome to our very first information Blog: “Meanwhile, back at the Billabong”.
In this & future blogs we will attempt to provide you with some of the goings on & news
“At the Billabong” AKA (Age Of Fishes Museum).

By now regulars here will have noticed the web site has been updated, resulting in an even better experience for visitors. It’s hoped you enjoy the new changes.

Our January feature display “Fins to Flight” has been very well received by visitors to both the museum & Information office. It’s a stunning photographic display of the evolution from Devonian fish through to modern birds told utilising stunning pictures by wildlife photographer, Akos Lumnitzer.

The school summer holidays have seen a number of families through the museum; we had a good old fashion “whodunit” to entertain our younger visitors. The visiting children (of all ages) were assigned the task of identifying who, in “mudhole springs”, stole “Ossi Grossi” fin ring gemstone (tygereye). The reward was their own Tiger-eye gemstone to keep. Some solved it easily, some had a good attempt, ALL were winners.

 A National Rock Garden is being established in Canberra currently & is due to open to the public in 2 years’ time. We were approached to supply a fossil slab for display in the garden. We complied with the request by supplying slab #4 for permanent display. Alex Ritchie, Bruce Loomes & Warren Keedle supervised the delivery of the same to Questacon Canberra where it will be on display until the garden is ready for it.

Dr Alex Ritchie

David & Judy Elliot of “Australian Age of Dinosaurs” Winton Qld. Fame, paid AOF a visit in January 2015, David and Judy founded Australian Age of Dinosaurs and continue to play a key role in its development. They organise and run our annual dinosaur digs and operated the fossil preparation facility during its formative years. They have forged a sound working relationship with the Queensland Museum and enlisted support from all corners of Australia in their quest to conserve Australian natural history. Together they publish the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Journal each year and work full time towards delivery of the Australian Age of Dinosaurs Museum of Natural History. In 2006 David, Judy and their children were awarded the Queensland Museum Medal and recognised by the Australian Geographic Society as Australian Conservationists of the Year. David was Queensland’s Local Hero in 2003.  AOF has donated “on loan” Slab 88 for display at the Winton Dinosaur museum.